Years of Service

There are over 32 years of research and development going into the development of this product. 


Professional Service

We offer monthly service to clean and maintain equipment. As well as monitor the systems remotely, as they are wifi capable.

Why The Water Whale?

 The WWMS stands for Waste Water Monitoring System. It is a combination of systems, a water monitoring system, 

About Us

The system ” Water Whale “, is designed to be used as a medium to separate ice from drinks, collect ice in the first chamber, melt it, filter it, while chlorinating this water using our patented process.  Because the unit treats the water it receives with chlorine, it is in fact a mini water treatment system, simular to a swimming pool.  Presenting this same water after treatment to a storage tank, where it is dispersed into toilet or lawn applications. The system is multifunctional.  It also contains the ability to recycle liquids from multiple input sources, such as shower water, melting ice water, from multiple sources.  Basically any targeted unit that presents the opportunity to recycle wasted water.  IE: swim pools, rain barrels, ice making machines.  The Whale can operate automatically using our “filter float controlled switch “. 

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Thank you for stopping by! We’re – dedicated to delivering a quality product to the global residents. All of our precedes contribute to building a state-of-the-art global community centre. You are welcome to visit us. 

WindLGC FL1F SmartRelay Software

WindLGC is the exclusive programming software for the IDEC SmartRelay using Windows. Now supporting Windows 7 32-bit and 64-bit operating system. Create, simulate, test and save your program in just a matter of seconds using drag and drop functions. Choose either function block or ladder programming, but keep in mind that you can always convert from one to the other with just the click of an icon. 

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Our Recent Updates.

The unit has two modes of operation.

Automatic Mode

Power is on to the unit, and the pumping system is controlled by water level sensors in the unit, and the WindGLC software package.

Manual Mode

Power is turned on directly to the  system, by switches mounted on the front control panel. as programs control the destination of the water.

Water enters

Water enters the unit either passively or actively depending on configurations and devices connected to the unit.

Reclaims Melted Ice Water

Our product is revolutionary in that it reclaims wastewater from garbage into a new water resource for use in toilet and lone applications

Recycles Shower Water
Wifi Enabled

All of the units that we sell are internet cable and automatically become part of the Aftermeal network. 

Remote Login Capability

We login and monitor the machine remotely and do air log printouts remotely

Monitors All Units That Waster Water

 We have  help Monitor all unites that have collatel water and recycle it saving you it for other purposes. 

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